to sleep and bleed at the same time, most likely attributed to being cut while asleep

symptoms of sleeding include reddening of sheets, drowsiness unrelated to being asleep, and eventual death if untreated
Oh man, I was having such a good rest until I got stabbed in the neck; I started to sleed all over the place.
#sleep #bleed #blood #sled #sleeding #sledding #bled #slept #asleep
by ScottFinnerty October 19, 2009
Top Definition
to make out/hook up with someone. Often brings about a connotation of a slut to whomever is using the verb.
Dude, I'm gunna sleed with so many chicks tonight. It's gunna be absolutely redick.
#hookup #slut #makeout #ho #scumbag
by sleedmaster April 13, 2011
Proceeding to take advantage of a girl after she's passed out or cannot remember. Also known as rape.
so and so passed out last night in this random dudes room so I slee'd the shit out of her.
#rape #slee #taking advantage #roofie #prescott
by J Delta October 03, 2006
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