*Having a person do all your work.

*The popular portrayal of having a black person do all your work.
"*whip crack* giddup ya damn nigger and start pickin' cotton!!"
-not me lol
by Dave March 21, 2004
A method of labor by which the practice of paying a bunch of commuters is circumvented in favor of, historically, importing workers from a different continent, supervising them on sixteen-hour work shifts to ensure they don't run away, providing some place where they could be kept and fed, and exerting corporal punishment when they do something unwanted. This practice has proliferated across the planet throughout history for reasons not quite substantiated.
Throughout history, the human race has resorted to slavery in lieu of its alternatives.
by GreenBanana June 18, 2013
It works.... so you don't have to
Slavery, the women today are only good for
by XxxFIRELOVExxX December 13, 2009
the biggest waste of time that the U.S. has ever experienced
slavery is boring nuff said
by Fruity Ninga August 25, 2011
An institution supported and perpetuated by the Democratic Party right before the civil war. It's true. Look it up.

When Republican Abraham Lincoln became President during the election of 1860 on a platform of ending slavery in the US, many of the slave owning southern Democratic State Officials opted to secede from the Union.

When Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Union finally defeated the Confederates in 1865, many southern Democrat landowners refused to respect the freedom to former slaves and formed the terrorist organization, the KKK.
Brainwashed Liberal: The Republican party hates people of color. They are all about keeping the poor man working in slavery. It's the Democratic party that is a friend of the black man.

Old School Republican: The Republican party is about personal responsibility. You get only what you've worked for and earned. If Democrats had their way they would tax us all into slaves of the government. Open a history book.
by Markwonder September 26, 2011
Doing work for someone for little or no pay.
If it was not for slavery black people would not even be is the usa.
No one went and stole them from there home.
They were sold into slavery by there own people.
It is not because of slavey that black people can only excel at sports,slavery has been overwith for 150 years.
by Erinthegreat October 03, 2006
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