The idea of being a Slav.
Many Eastern Europeans are not opposed to Slavery.
by Diggity Monkeez January 15, 2005
Life of captivity. See marriage.
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
Slavery of blacks in the Americas originated from Islam. Who do you think captured and sold the African blacks into slavery? Muslims slave traders. Duh! That is something Muslims do not want you to know. And what is the last country to abolish slavery? Saudi Arabia, the homeland of Islam, in 1962! In the view of Islam , non-believers should either burning in hell forever or slaves.
Slavery was practiced in the homeland of Islam until 1962
by Scholar of Islam October 05, 2006
The practice of Christian Americans owning black human beings which the Christians felt was approved by God due to many Bible verses condoning it.
The Bible condones slavery.
by sylvy1212 April 29, 2010
Traditional manner in which Earthlings are governed.
This shit is sooooooooo FUCKED!!!!
Are you serious? slavery is the worst national crime ever comitted by any country, especially the USA. Its horriffic nature and clear cut expulsion of civil liberties is undeniably shameful.
if it wasnt for slavery black people would excel at everything, not just sports.
by saves the day May 02, 2005
the greatest thing the black people ever did
Damn that lincoln!! he must have liked the niggers!!
by Haxor Maxor February 24, 2005

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