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A textable image depicting slavery. More at the necessity for the a party to be utterly subservient to another, such as being a minimum/low-wage employee, minor child, student, or subjugated denizen. Should this relationship cease, the result is likely catastrophic to the future of the former party, with consequences including: (further) degradation (e.g. resorting to sex-work), unemployment, homelessness, starvation, and death.

The need for this hypothetical emoticon was articulated by comedian Byron Bowers
(whilst texting) I got to get back to work my boss is coming (slavery emoticon)

(Facebook post) About to turn 26 so I better enroll for Obamacare (slavery emoticon)

(IM) My parents won't stop pushing me to fill out college applications (slavery emoticon)
by AnOra December 19, 2013