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a drink - consists of coke or supermarkets own brand of soft drinks added to red wine to make it taste not shit.
andrew: wow, slaven makes the red wine not taste like a party in my mouth where everyones throwing up!

kyle: i agree
by werenotwhoresdammit July 10, 2008
a person who is beast in bed, artist in love , no better toy to play with in bed , also could mean a guy who is such a pervert

often used to describe someone sexually,
also used by woman to say their wishes
That man is such a slaven.

I wish I had some slaven* in bed. (great lover, sex machine)


I wish guy I met was slaven, unfortunately he's not,that sucks.

I'm sad, i cant find any slaven to sexually please me.
by ExploringURAnus January 22, 2013
to slaven out- to get banned by school from internet and then get a way around it
"slaven your banned" says sill business teacher
thinks in mind haha i find a way around it lol(inhis head
by jake0103 June 13, 2008