a female chav who is a slag. It is a combination of 'chav' and 'slag'.
oi look at that slav over there, i bet she's gonna get it on with some chav tonight!
by jesskellyxo April 28, 2011
a mix of a slut and a chav, normally seen at high schools.
Person 1 : Hey, look at her orange legs!
Person 2 : Ew I know, I heard she sleeps with college guys too!
Together : What a slav!
by luigi95 December 23, 2009
slav: this is a term for a slaggy chav
A:is she a slag?
B:is she a a chav??
C:noo she's a slav!
by Chris April 26, 2005

Slav comes from the word slave

love to steal and have no class or self respect

not liked in the uk and many other richer parts of the world

cannot get it into there head that they are slavic

large overseas gay population
slav means scum
Dumb,Lazy,badly dressed scum from the east of europe who clean the toilets of your local Burger King for 5 quid
by marc davis July 23, 2006

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