In general, the Slavs are violent, and inclined to aggression. If not for the disharmony amongst them, caused by the multiplication of factions and by their fragmentation into clans, no people could mach their strength. They inhabit the richest limits of the lands suitable for settlement, and most plentiful in means of support. The Slavs possibly come from the near east, who were Sarmatian tribes such as Hrvati or Serboi. These tribes travlled to present day Poland and the Serb tribes settled on the lands of Germany Poland, while the Hrvati established a Chrobatian state in the area around Poland's Krakow. During the 6 or 7th century some of these peoples migrated to the south as an invitation from the Byzantine emperor to help him in his fight against the avars. The slavs would later join avars and harass the Byzantine empire as well. There are other theories on the origin of slavs anothe rone includes that the slavs come from the lands of the balkans linking the name of macedonia to "motherland" other theories include Slavs origins between the marshes of Poland-Belarus, or the area between the Wisla and Dniepr.
SLAVS: Russian, Belarussia(white russian), Ukrainian(Little russian), Poland, Lusatian Sorbia(area where serbs settled long ago, now eastern Germany) Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia(& Hercegovina), Serbia (& Montenegro), Bulgaria and Macedonia.
by Jarema November 14, 2005
A member of one of the Slavic-speaking peoples of eastern Europe.
Serbians, Bulgarians. Russians are all Slavs.
by Cool Guy June 04, 2003
A member of one of one of the following ethnicities: Russians, Ukrainians (AKA Rusyns or Ruthenians), Belarusians (AKA Byelorussians), Serbs, Montenegrins, Croats, Bosniaks, Czechs, Gorani, Sorbs (AKA Wends or Lusatians), Slovenes, Czechs, Macedonian Slavs, Slovaks, Poles, Bulgarians.

Generally considered to exclude minorities such as Jews, Roma, Turks, Germans, Albanians and Magyars who reside within Slavic-majority countries.
Not all Eastern Europeans are Slavs: Magyars, Romanians, Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians are not.
by globetrotter2011 March 23, 2011
A barbarian race crazy sikunts from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and sum in kazakstan. Well Known for their sik muzika and good foods and our extemely large dicks bigger than the other euros our hot chicks and our sik cars.....
That stupid slav Miroslav gets all the chicks with his sik car and his nice clothes im so jealous i wish i was a slav (some aussie)
Miroslav: peda³ (homosexual)
by Tomislav June 01, 2006
Slavs are one of Indoeuropean nations,like Kelts and Germans.They lived in tribes,most of them were horse mans and half nomads,and only "barbarians" who had and used letters.Roman historian described them like very brave warriors half naked. They had smaller and hard horses and short and dark hair and they had no so much pale skin like other Indoeuropens.Every tribe had different god,but they had a main gods to, like Perun,god of thunder,or Svarog,god of Sun.Like Kelts they believed in stars, Moon and Sun,and they had big respect toward nature.Their gods were wooden idols in side of temples.Most of them were war gods like Svantevid(one who see everything),god with four heads,big sword,bow and helmet and other war equipment and they had some types of Druids,they called them Zhrec(hard to translate to English).Today, 40% of soldiers in Foreign legion are Slavs.(sorry for bad English,I am just a Slavic Savage.)
"my kids don't have blue hair or blue eyes,they are real Slavs!"
or,"with their blue hair they look like Shvabo(German),they can't be Slavs.
by Slavic Savage October 03, 2007
Someone who refuses to drink alcohol for no apparent reason and claims that water is a satisfactory replacement beverage.
Joey: Hey, are you coming out drinking with us tonight?

Wendell: Yeah man I'll come out but I'm being a Slav.
by The Piece Corps February 01, 2011
a female chav who is a slag. It is a combination of 'chav' and 'slag'.
oi look at that slav over there, i bet she's gonna get it on with some chav tonight!
by jesskellyxo April 28, 2011
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