if someone say slaunch 2 you.
You just got noobed
i killed you and you say slaunched
by owner September 23, 2003
Top Definition
To slopily or forcibly insert something into something else.
Or slaunch can be replaced with launch at any time.
I slaunched one in her asshole last night!
I slaunched it in her asshole, prior to giving her the angry pirate.
I will slaunch the frisbee 100 yards.
by mdizzlenizzlepizzle April 22, 2006
Slaunch is a term often used, (or not), by the design community to describe the characteristic of horizontality or a "low slung" visual attitude. A significant portion of midcentury mobern residential architecture, Japanese inspired design, and/or Dr Suess style landscape elements fall under this description.
A tree thinned of foliage or laid down horizontally by the effects of relentless wind or weather would be described as having "slaunch".

Much of Frank Lloyd Wright's "Prairie Style" architecture could be said to have characteristics of "slaunch".

Almost all of Dr Suess' landscpes are characterized by "slaunch",
by Minorblues January 18, 2010
adj.- characterizing something that is awesome or in one's favor.
That's fucking slaunch!
by Chris September 25, 2005
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