Slat (also known as Plapp): leftovers at the bottom of a bottle. E.g. coke that is flat, and left alone to foost at the back of the fridge for a few weeks. Cheap whiskey left over from a student party that tastes like wood varnish, that no-one wants to touch. Taken from the Swedish: "Slat."
Olga: Hej hej, if you want a mixer for your whisky, there's a slat of coke left in the fridge.
Fredrik: Nej, keep that away from me, it's flat and there's an island of green mould on it!
by coazeau June 26, 2011
To say goodbye to a person

- A simplification of the phrase "see you laters"
"see you later Seano!", "yeah, slats bud"
by SeanoPrawno November 09, 2011
Women that dress up as slutty cats, hence sl/ats Usually seen during Halloween time, but hoes will be hoes no matter the time of the year.
Leanne was at a halloween party with a bunch of slats.
by Shawty#3 November 01, 2011
A person who is very ghetto and who does not have a good sense of style. They tend to originate from the bad side of towns. Slats or slatty people usually are also known as gangsters. They tend to take pictures with thick eye liner, stupid faces, and they hold up the area of town they "represent". Ex. Make an "e" for east side, "w" for west.
1:Did you see that girl wearing a all black long-sleeve in the middle of summer?

2: Yeah, she's a total slat.

Slatty people are so stupid, why do they even bother getting ready? They look like shit anyway.
by notaslat August 23, 2011
A combination of the words 'slut' and 'slapper'. Usually used to describe a girl who will hook up with guys, stringing them along, never taking it any further.

A slat can often be a tease, dressing and acting like a slut, dancing on tables in a bar. If hit on and asked to come home by someone, a slat will get offended, physically or verbally 'slapping' them and storming off. Thus the name
That girl is such a slat, I've been trying for weeks and I still haven't got any

Guy 1: Emma is such a slut
Guy 2: Emma isn't a slut, she doesn't sleep which anyone, she just hooks up with people. She's a slat
by Lilnigz June 09, 2011
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