A combination of the words 'slut' and 'slapper'. Usually used to describe a girl who will hook up with guys, stringing them along, never taking it any further.

A slat can often be a tease, dressing and acting like a slut, dancing on tables in a bar. If hit on and asked to come home by someone, a slat will get offended, physically or verbally 'slapping' them and storming off. Thus the name
That girl is such a slat, I've been trying for weeks and I still haven't got any

Guy 1: Emma is such a slut
Guy 2: Emma isn't a slut, she doesn't sleep which anyone, she just hooks up with people. She's a slat
by Lilnigz June 09, 2011
Top Definition
1. Small aerodynamic surfaces on the leading edge of an airplane wing which, when deployed, allow the wing to operate at a higher angle of attack.
2. Pussy lips. By analogy to calling them flaps. See? flaps... slats... Now... flaps everybody understands, but *slats*?... Gimme a break!... Please don't call your girlfriend's pussy lips *slats* if you don't want to sound awfully nerdy, or unless you both work at Lockheed-Martin.
1. If it wasn't for my plane's auto-deployed slats, i´d be a red stain on the landscape by now.
2. (Youre giving her head on the drawing board late at night at Lockheed-Martin) Hmm Donna, these slats are hot! Not the ones in your design dummy!
by Hugh G Rection June 02, 2006
A combination of the words 'slag' and 'slut'.
That Katie... She a slat!
by Alan Wright December 15, 2004
an abbreviation for the show Secret Life of the American Teenager.
I can't wait to see the new episode of SLAT on tuesday!
by lauser31 July 27, 2008
a great name for the vagina
"I believe I should cup her in the slats." "My, those are the biggest slats I've ever seen!" "Pardon me, but are those your slats on the ground?"
by slat master May 26, 2006
a slut pronounced differently it is like a slut but a guy and a girl can be called this. Also it can be added to words like a slatcunt.
Jehan is a fucking slat
Jehan is a slatbitch
by Jehan Dewan September 08, 2003
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