1. Character from the popular 90's TV show Saved by the Bell played by Mario López
Slater became Bayside's star athlete in such fields as wrestling, football, and basketball.
by George560 November 09, 2006
A clever combination of 'See Ya' and 'Laters' for those times when more than one word is just too much of an effort
"Anyways as you are being so unresponsive i am going to leave"
by Lazybum November 02, 2009
a bike. comes from Tyler, The Creator's concept album "Wolf" in which the

story's antagonist, Sam, has a bike named Slater
Ex. #1:
Sam: Me and Slater just hit a curb.

Ex. #2:
Darnell: I'm gonna go take a ride with Slater. Peace.
by Lord Flocka April 22, 2013
An extremely awesome way to poop. You sit backwards so your legs are spread wide. It may take some adjustment, but it provides an amazing bathroom experience! Always be sure to go forward enough so you don't unintentionally crap on the ground! Most toilet seats are meant for people facing forward, but you might need a custom made toilet seat! Slatering can be extremely hazardous as falling backwards while dumping may occur.
WOW!!! Slatering that toilet was the best bathroom experience I've ever had! Next time, I'm going to slater the toilet again! Also, I'm going to get a finely crafted, custom toilet seat just for slatering!
by person who loves slatering :) March 24, 2011
Another name for air conditioning. Air Conditioning is also know as an a/c. The most famous A.C. is A.C. Slater. Therefore, an a/c is also known as a slater.
Brett: "Why is it so cold in here???"
Lenny: "I cranked up the slater."
by Startron456 September 27, 2010
verb: The act of going crazy (especially in the workplace)
adj.: Insane or irrational, Bad tempered, total nutjob
Became popular after jet blue flight attendant lost his head.
verb: Imma bout to go slater up in this bitch cause a that cracker mr. jackson.

adj.: <phone rings> I am sorry sir, Bob went slater at work today, he no longer works here, may i help you?
by moegeemac@gmail.com August 11, 2010
Its used instead of 'see you laters' or 'Goodbye'
JPY: Im off bed now to pleasure myself

GRAYDOT: Ok Goodbye


by GRAYDOTMAN June 07, 2006
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