what i like to call people whooz name i forget. make slap combos like-
slapass slapnutz slaphappy slippy sloppy skippy spanky sparkey streachnutz streachass snatchslap asslap nutspank
hey there slappy
pass da green streachass
settle down spankey
by a langer December 01, 2004
A term used for when you slap your ballsack off your legs and it creates a slapping noise. Hence the name slappy.
"Yo man whats that sound?"
"I'm doin a slappy."
by bm June 28, 2004
when you do so many drugs that your head just starts to expand at an uncontrolable rate
God he is such a slappy
by katie bambic January 19, 2003
When one grubs money off people. Synonomous with a mooch or leech
yo foo gimme some money for food.
You such a slappy rofl rofl.
by Conzeus August 17, 2004
A Person named: Jimmy Alix, from porstmouth RI.
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Shut Your Mouth (name of person is replaced by *Slappy*).

Before: Shut Your Mouth Jimmy.
After: Shut Your Mouth Slappy.
by Andrew January 05, 2004
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