a pie in a barm
simple as
used in Wigan and surrounding area
man in chippy: do us a slappy, will ya?
by TomD4Eva October 25, 2007
verb- slapping somebody with something that one does not have to hold on to.

noun- something used to slap with, that one does not have to hold on to.
"i'm going to slappy you with my hand."

examples of slappys: tounge, hand, foot, cock, nose...
by bigc22 July 23, 2009
Riding down stairs on your wheely board. Most people think it's pretty easy. Then again, most people can't stand on a skateboard.
Hey look! A stair set! SLAPPYS!
by DHK April 10, 2006
Nickname for an self-loathing, choke artist, overpaid baseball player of questionable sexual orientation, who, realizing he will never win a championship legitimately, slaps balls from the opposing fielders like a little girl.
That A-Rod is SUCH a Slappy loser!!!
by DanNJ July 27, 2006
A derogetory term for a black man or Someone in servitude.
Fetch me another drink slappy.
by philip December 08, 2004
A Cool Mother Fukka.
Yo slappy, all dem bitches be all up on your nutz.
by Slappy October 15, 2003
a slappy is when a chick gets a sore head from giving u heady and u still want to continue, but she cant move her head, so she rolls over on her side and u fuk her mouth and a slapping nose is heard.
casey: ive got a realy sore neck. can we stop??
bob: can u giv me a slappy??
by <cody> May 18, 2007

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