(noun) it's the newest smack talk code in middletown, ct
As PGRAB walked by, SCUB was so slappin all the way down the hall. Little did PGRAB know that SCUB was trash talkin her. SCUB was slappin', aka talking smack in code.
by ENRICApole March 17, 2009
reference to a cool item of clothing, somthing that someone has done that is particularly sound, or anything you want it to mean. it comes from the BENglo-Saxon word 'Slah-pin' which means "cradle of the dusty rat".
d00d, that is totally fuckin' slappin!!
by Ben Holt June 14, 2004
usually meaning good or delicious
That soup we made in class today was slappin!
by provider July 29, 2016
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