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a word commonly used in the bay area to describe a good song, most often a rap song.
"aye blood, that new E-40 is a slapper"
by chipswithdip July 10, 2008
96 82
A sexually promiscuous woman who enjoys vigorous copulation. The term most likely denotes the sound of two people's skin coming together with force, especially during sex.
She's such a prolific slapper, she'll have to wait for the birth before she know who the father is.
by Spirituall August 07, 2011
21 12
Here in Ireland a Slapper is a slut/tramp.Usually wears a shiny tracksuit and puts out for anyone.
Your one over there is a slapper!!!!
by Anonymous January 30, 2003
202 196
a woman who fucks alot of men in a small period of time.
hey man, that chick is fit, but fuck me she's a slapper.
yeah she fucked 10 guys in 2 weeks.
by Morgan June 22, 2004
213 208
A slapper is a girl or woman that in earlier era's would have been called a nymphomaniac. The true slapper would shag anyone and anything if it just meant she could satisfy the craving for sexual fulfilment for 10 minutes. The word is used as an insult and a reminder that the woman is the type that loves a big pair of balls slapping against her arse - hence the term "slap and tickle" - a slapper is a woman that likes a lot of slap and tickle
What a fuckin slapper tho man, I bet she likes a good thick end up the knicker leg.

Eh mate she's a right slapper - you wear some protection and while youre on the job give her one for me cuz I wouldnt touch her with a barge pole - just stop and say "by the way this ones for steve"

seen as a trendy pub name
"The slappers arse"
by frosty the kebab shop owner December 10, 2007
35 32
synonym for whore or slut, a slapper is a girl who's not afraid to get out there...a lot...all the time...with anyone. A slapper is also known for cheating on their girl/boyfriends
Oh my god, did you see katarina subic on friday night? such a slapper....
by trjekngr November 14, 2010
16 18
A slapper rap/hip-hop song that "bumps hella hard".
-Hey nigga bump that slapper, im hella thizzed
-This is the muthafuckin' slapper
-Rollin in the cuts bumpin' the slaps
by bhkilla September 11, 2010
19 21