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To rapidly slap ones cock with brisk quick hand motions, banging the genitalia against the inner thighs till the penis ejaculates. The slapping continues till the penis is a raw bloody phallus.
Brian recieved a jolly good slapjob from Larissa till his bloody cock had cum more then enough to fill a goats ass.
by Mr. Mayonasse August 16, 2007
straight up slappin weener instead of a normal handjob. no cum. no smile.
-Have you seen mac lately?
-No dude, ever since kim gave him that fierce slapjob hes turned into a bag of shit.
by Zelda da asshole crusher January 10, 2010
When a girl bitch slaps an erect penis to the point of ejaculation.
"I've been a bad boy, I'm in serious need of a slap job"
by albinoavenger December 12, 2011