Slap Dick is a commonly played game where two guys get hard and sit facing one another. They then proceed to switch off slapping each other's dick. The guy whose dick falls off first is the loser. Following the game, the winner may choose to do the victory ritual: pick up the fallen off dick (before it looses to much blood and becomes limp), smack the loser's forehead with said dick and finish by yelling SLAP DICK!
"(Picks up hard dick, slaps loser with it) SLAP DICK!"
by Scrat420 October 15, 2009
Top Definition
SLapdick, someone who doesnt know what the hell their doing, and proceeds to fuck up
what in the hell where you thinking you slapdick!
by Fred July 23, 2004
slap dick- one for whom even the simplest task represents a monumental challenge. One who is forced to re-learn all tasks on a daily basis due to exceedingly low intellect.
When Evan confessed he accidently scalded himself in the shower every morning he was instantly recognized as a total slap dick.
by JPMcTeague September 01, 2003
Someone who doesn't know what the hell they are doing or what is going on. An idiot who never knows anything.
- "Doesn't Brett know that the street he just turned into is a dead end?"
- "Damn what a fucking slapdick, he always gets lost"
by Aubtin March 10, 2008
a shit-for-brains who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.
Rob is such a slap dick. He pissed all over his roommates key board last night.
by Pot Luck McBeer April 01, 2003
Slapdick,Someone who doesn't know what the hell they're doing and proceeds to fuck up
what in the hell where you thinking you slapdick!
by wolf15668 October 10, 2013
A word that an old white drunk guy calls someone to get their attention. The guy is usually the village idiot and has a scrap pile in his backyard.
Heyy Slapdick how about you come over here and drink a beer?
by TheSauce01 December 25, 2013
usually referred to as "that guy" at a party or anywhere for that matter who just can't seem to say or do anything remotely intellectual or worth-while..
John: "hey baby, do have a mirror in your pocket?"

Betty: "what a slap-dick, get lost."
by Ikaika November 12, 2006

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