To have a live prank done to you on chat roulette via web cam.
Mike was on chat roulette last night and he got slapchopped so bad.
by Vader7 April 17, 2010
Top Definition
To pulverize a food item using a slapping motion pushing down on a tool with a razor edge in order to slice and dice your food items.
I just totally slap-chopped this salad!
by Kari206 January 19, 2010
When a chick gives you a blowjob but she isn't very good so she ends up squeezing and biting your dick.
Friend 1:" Hey man, did you go to warped tour last night"
Friend 2:" Yeah, it was a fun time until I got slap chopped"
by Dinertime July 20, 2016
When a girl finds out that an angry dragon has been preformed and proceeds to chop off your unit by biting down with her teeth
Dude, Jim just got slap chopped when he tried to pull an angry dragon
by MouseXIII June 15, 2010
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