When receiving a blow job, after the man who is receiving blows his load in the other person's mouth, he pulls out and slaps them across the face, thus creating a semen volcano effect.
Bro, I totally gave that bitch a slap shot last night!
by Onzie9 November 01, 2009
When you slap your partners ass cheeks with your penis. You score on the shot when you penetrate your partners asshole.
Sarah always likes it when Wade slap shots her ass.

Sarah: "Are you going to score tonight baby or what?"
Wade: "Im going to cross the red line and fire a long slap shot right into your net babe"
by whiskey kilo papa May 02, 2007
Similar to snap when making fun of a person.
I fucked your sister last night.

Slapshot, biatch!!!
by Spencer R December 02, 2004

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