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A bet where no money or property is involved, and the prize for losing is getting to slap the loser across the face. Excellent for bets of extreme importance.
A slap bet is often monitored by a slap bet commissioner, that regulates the rules of said bet.
"Joe cried after he lost his slap bet"
"In a matter of this importance, only a slap bet will do"
#slap #bet #free shot #bitch slap #backhand
by mrcool November 22, 2006
a betting using slaps
Andres: slapbet your a little bitch frankie
Frankie: I dont like apples, but deal
Victor: (comes out of the blue and slaps Frankie) little rich bitch
#slapbet #frankie #victor #andres #jhs194
by cp1718 April 07, 2009
Bet made on an item of trivia in which the losing party gets the shit smacked out of their face.
A: I think it's clavicle.
B: It's definitely tibia.
A: Slap bet?
B: Sure. (They shake.)


C: A bone named after the Italian word for flute is tibia.

(B smacks the shit out of A)
#trivia #tibia #tribia #smack #bitchslap
by heisenbergian August 29, 2009
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