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a person with no life that lives vicariously through others. one who wants to be slutty but can't.
org: lonely Kansas girl with too much time on her hands
Tara could get laid but she is too much of a slanny.
by viscioustart March 27, 2005

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a man or woman who is considered a slut.
Tava is such a Slanny!
by Tara March 24, 2005
Promiscious BJQ that spends more time horizontal than vertical when she's "servicing clients" at hotels in Colorado Springs.
Tava Ho Foster is a Slanny!
by Tara March 28, 2005
A man or woman that is considered a whore, manwhore or slut.
Tava is such an easy slanny. No wonder she's nicknamed BJQ!
by Tara March 28, 2005
Going completely skitzo, berzerko, nuts when your friends play a harmless prank on you, and yet still loving them because such a prank shows that your friends care enough to mess with you.
Tara went totally slanny last year, and the year before, when we fooled her on April Fool's Day.
by the man March 29, 2005