a combination of the words "slutty" and "skanky". A word used to describe someone having one, but more likely both attributes.
That girl Tasha is such a slanky bitch.
by wolf01 April 05, 2009
a cross between a slut and a skank.
Hey yo Brit i made a new version for you check it out " bitch ur wild, ur a slanky hoe, ur a slanky hoe" (use tune of stanky leg)
by Pure8chocolateBB April 11, 2009
A word for describing the super slut. A combination of the words, Slut and Skank mixed with "Slinky". A slinky goes from stair to stair much like your typical super slut goes from guy to guy, hence, "Slanky"
Me: "Oh my god do you know Jen?!"
You: You mean that one from our class?"
Me: "Yeah man!"
You: "Dude she is so Slanky!"
by catsman5000 July 20, 2011
I don't know what slanky means. It's just fun to say like slinky and skanky put together. But a good kinda skank. A classy hooker.
Detach: That Alissa is one slanky ho.
Shibby : I agree, thats one classy bitch.
Alissa : Bitches! I'm paid, holla!
by Detach March 24, 2010
a hybrid of a slimmy and a skank; the utmost in choice girls.
Man, remember that slanky we saw at the Dairy Queen?
by squirefan June 05, 2005
Slang for "penis".
She totally wants my slanky.
by Wilson October 10, 2003

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