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Tall and skinny person
Andrei Kirilenko is so slanky
by Belannie May 04, 2009
29 25
A combination of swanky and lanky. Used to describe a tall beautiful woman of style and grace.
Katharine Hepburn is slanky.
by Paul B. Baker November 26, 2006
49 35
a combination of the words "slutty" and "skanky". A word used to describe someone having one, but more likely both attributes.
That girl Tasha is such a slanky bitch.
by wolf01 April 05, 2009
9 7
A combination of lanky and slimy. Used to describe people who are skinny and also possess slimy characteristics. Slimy characteristics include hitting on friend's sisters, mooching beer, and sleeping on bean-bag chairs.
That slanky f***er Hayden is hitting on my sister again. What a kike!
by slanky bastard June 27, 2010
16 16
A very tall and skinny person.
I was a slanky boy when I was in my teens.
by CD3814 March 27, 2009
13 13
The act of being; graceful, sexy and alluring, while in the act of moving in a slow and deliberate manner. A form of Seduction.
Salma Hayek dances very slanky in the movie “From Dusk to Dawn“.
by Jaysin Daniel February 12, 2010
4 6
When you are so sleepy that your lack of sleep causes you to become cranky, frustrated or both. An amalgum of sleepy and cranky.
I just want to sleep but my girlfriend is forcing me to watch more Gossip Girl; I'm slanky.
by NotMaurer May 13, 2011
0 3