a combination of the words "slutty" and "skanky". A word used to describe someone having one, but more likely both attributes.
That girl Tasha is such a slanky bitch.
by wolf01 April 05, 2009
A combination of swanky and lanky. Used to describe a tall beautiful woman of style and grace.
Katharine Hepburn is slanky.
by Paul B. Baker November 26, 2006
Tall and skinny person
Andrei Kirilenko is so slanky
by Belannie May 04, 2009
A very tall and skinny person.
I was a slanky boy when I was in my teens.
by CD3814 March 27, 2009
The act of being; graceful, sexy and alluring, while in the act of moving in a slow and deliberate manner. A form of Seduction.
Salma Hayek dances very slanky in the movie “From Dusk to Dawn“.
by Jaysin Daniel February 12, 2010
When you are so sleepy that your lack of sleep causes you to become cranky, frustrated or both. An amalgum of sleepy and cranky.
I just want to sleep but my girlfriend is forcing me to watch more Gossip Girl; I'm slanky.
by NotMaurer May 13, 2011
A combination of lanky and slimy. Used to describe people who are skinny and also possess slimy characteristics. Slimy characteristics include hitting on friend's sisters, mooching beer, and sleeping on bean-bag chairs.
That slanky f***er Hayden is hitting on my sister again. What a kike!
by slanky bastard June 27, 2010

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