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A blanket with sleeves that is used to keep arms warm while reading, going on the computer, etc.
I was watching TV with my slanket on and I was uber warm.
by latenighttelevision December 17, 2006
A sexually promiscuous girl who sleeps with minorities and tends to be of low moral character. Term is highly offensive, much like the word "cunt".
Dude #1: "Sally is such a slanket."
Dude #2: "Dude, please don't use that word. Call her a slut, but please don't call her a slanket. It offends me."
Dude #1: "Sorry, bro."
by bigtimestyle April 27, 2011
a byproduct of turning your girl over while going for some hot doggie style sex. The ensuing tangle of sexy babe and comfy blankets is a crazy sex burrito known as the slanket.
We were bumpin nasties when my girl got slanketed.
by The Slanket king May 20, 2009
n. A cheap knock-off of a Snuggie.
That bitch stole my Snuggie and said it was her Slanket!
by SexyBabii November 07, 2010

A blanket with sleeves for females. If a male has one he is probably a fag.

I can't believe vin has a slanket. What a fag.
by Bobby Jones IV January 10, 2009
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