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if you bastards don't get back to work i'm gonna kick you so hard in the slankersack your slankers are gonna be rolling out of your mouth
by Brett & Kly January 17, 2004
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Can be used as slank or slanker. A slanker is another name for long, saggy, pulsating and veiny penis. It can also be used as a verb, meaning getting fucked or destroyed. Somebody can be slanky, and that is how it is used as an adjective. It can also be inserted into other words to make statements, such as "stop slankin' around and get a job ya lazy slank!," implying that the other person is acting like a slanker. As you can see, slanker is a complex word that must be used with caution and also takes a long time to become a master at.
My slanker is 4 feet long!
Stop slankin' around.
Slankadelic sauce is so good on ziti. Believe me, I know.
Mike is so slanky! He always has to be such a dick all the time.
Dude, i slanked joe up in our soccer game.
by sloker7 June 26, 2011
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a brother or sister, close friend
sup slanker?
by Brett & Kly January 17, 2004
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combined from the words "slang" and "wanker"

used to describe the losers who spend hours looking up random words on
That's right! You're a slanker! But so am I, so it's all good.
by SB May 21, 2004
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