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When a girl is a total Hoe

Man that girl is a slank
by Big Papa Pump September 01, 2004
Noun, Adj. (Slanky) A man with sexually attractive, and usually muscular shoulders, back, and ass. Good ass is essential for anything to be categorized as slanky.
Damn his ass. Got some genuine slank over here.
by Slank Head April 17, 2013
To travel or work at a very slow pace.
We were all way ahead of Evan Mumford because he was just slankin' along.
by Nick MacLeod August 25, 2006
A mixture of a slut and a skank. The best (or worst) of both worlds.
Dude, that Jessvicious is a fucking slank if I've ever saw one.
by BoVice79 December 12, 2009
To thoroughly kick someone or something's ass.
Wow, we just got SLANKed by the Mattituck girls track team, they are really awsome.

by MattituckTrack April 06, 2011
verb - The act of giving a cigarette (or something else) without the expectation of getting anything back. Acronym is Some Love And Nice Karma
Thanks for slanking me a tar bar
by Ninja in the Disco July 10, 2010
It usually describes the process of having a wank/ masturbating in order to get to sleep.
I cannot get to sleep by counting sheep, so I usually have a slank.
by moss12 February 22, 2014
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