stupid abbreviations which sound like they've got nothing to do with the word. the most annoying is the sort spoken by teenage, black chavs. speak so fast you can't understand a word (you're probably not supposed to) and they might as well be MCing.
babe, you betta hav me sum booty on ya or u ain't cummin' 2 town wit me.

translation= sweet girlfriend, you had better have brought some money with you, otherwise you can't come to town with me.
by Ruth March 04, 2005
1.Future cause of illiteracy
2.A Dyslexic's Worst Fear
slang:fo wat u do that shiznat dawg
Regular Human Being: Are you English or Retarded

Dyslexic:ai kant bo dis 5tuqid 5lang
by Rocko June 25, 2004
v. past perfect verb tense of sling.

David! Where's that rock you slang at Goliath? It may have exceeded the official weight limit.
by gnostic1 September 03, 2011
Street words
Yo thats slang , fuck you is not slang motherfucker
by Some nigga February 18, 2003
a cool word , words that match the style .
Everyone uses slang , you hear anyone using those ego nerd dictionary defenitions !?
by Gay Al April 10, 2004
To move weight, sell drugs, as in sell it or hustle it.
Man i gotta slang this brick before i get ducked in on by 5-0.

"Either you slangin' crack rock or you got a wicked jump-shot"
by |l_Thug_Life_l| August 11, 2006
to have sex
Did you slang that girl last nite?
by Random Hero March 02, 2004

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