Ali G language, or similars :D
Ali G in DA house
Wazza mazza fackaaa
by ^Sparco^ February 04, 2005
past-tense of verbs 'sling'
He slang a slingshot pellet at me. Oh my.
by Victor Van Styn July 25, 2005
made up words describing new things/offensive things. every language has them.
bloody, mofo, taking the piss, homie, g, fag
by Anonymous July 20, 2003
street 'language' young ppl use in schools,streets....tho the words have actual meanings
your crepes are buff. where they frm?
by vruutruxly May 22, 2005
stupid abbreviations which sound like they've got nothing to do with the word. the most annoying is the sort spoken by teenage, black chavs. speak so fast you can't understand a word (you're probably not supposed to) and they might as well be MCing.
babe, you betta hav me sum booty on ya or u ain't cummin' 2 town wit me.

translation= sweet girlfriend, you had better have brought some money with you, otherwise you can't come to town with me.
by Ruth March 04, 2005
1.Future cause of illiteracy
2.A Dyslexic's Worst Fear
slang:fo wat u do that shiznat dawg
Regular Human Being: Are you English or Retarded

Dyslexic:ai kant bo dis 5tuqid 5lang
by Rocko June 25, 2004
v. past perfect verb tense of sling.

David! Where's that rock you slang at Goliath? It may have exceeded the official weight limit.
by gnostic1 September 03, 2011

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