Slang is an abbreviation of the word Street-Language, taking the "S" from the word Street and "lang" from the word Language. The word "Slang" itself is thus a prime example of Slang, because it's how people on the street refer to "street-language" without pronouncing the entirety of the word. Slang is used to abbreviate and facilitate the pronounciation of formal words and can be used as a lingo which seperates them from people not knowing (a particular) slang.
Example of slang: a common word such as "jewellery" is referred to as "ice" or "bling bling" in slang.
by slangdefinition June 26, 2009
to kill someone or to beat up someone
i need you three to help me slang this sucka who's dating a girl i like
by TokenIranian June 06, 2015
The thug term meaning to sell, as in selling drugs.
" In the hood that I claim I slang on the double 9-9. "

- Wish Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony
by JIN Legion - Jerrard V. Broady February 06, 2009
The colloquial usage of non-standard words, commonly used by "ghetto" and "hip" individuals. Slang is notorious for degrading the quality of a language, but yet also evolves it. In fact, most of the words you and I use were probably not in the first dictionary.

However, slang does not mean to sell drugs. Many think that in Dem Franchize Boyz song "White Tee", they reference drug trafficking using the word "slang" (I bang in my white tee, I slang in my white tee). Rather, slang (verb) mean to front someone by using slang words to insult them, and "bang" referring to gangbanging.
Modern language would be horrendously incomplete without slang.

Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Romanian are all slang versions of Latin.
by Terrazine October 11, 2011
Slang is the shortened language of the words "shortened language" In other words; slang is slang for slang
Friend: 'Sup Y/N?
You: Seriously that slang is stupid
by Reinalol December 22, 2014
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