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Awsome idea that is slowly being overwhelmed by morons who insist on making up complete bullshit words about sex, their boy/girl friend, and every low IQ insight that pops into their minds. Hopefully the book version will weed out all the bullshit.
Dan: Hey I just took a big fucking dump!!
John: Really. Hmmmm. Hey that could be a word!
Dan: Huh?
John: How about.....you just took a Bif-dump!
Dan: Dude, submit it to a slang dictionary like www.Urbandictionary.com
John: Yeah. Ok. I'll do it.
by m1z_w1z_11 September 03, 2005
Urbandictionary.com, enough said.
urban dictionary is the best slang dictionary ever, period.
by diseased sheep August 09, 2005