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The Swedish word for a bitch/whore.
It has the same meaning as Hora (in Swedish)
Du är en javla slampa! - You're fucking whore!
#hora #slampa #bitch #whore #ho
by Adam Gh November 16, 2007
to fuck yourself continuosly untill satisfied
The man wanted slampa so he fucked himself.
by Miller Snyder August 19, 2005
originally derived from the swedish term for whore it is now widely used in blogging circles and fanpages as an affectionate term for fans of the swedish actor/director Alexander Skarsgard (eric Northman of HBOs True Blood)
welcome to my fansite fellow slampas
#alexander skarsgard #true blood #slampa #slut #swedish slang
by jennay81 December 14, 2010
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