wicked, good
wow, ure hair looks slammy!
by sean paul? September 10, 2003
Top Definition
Short for slam pig, a slut that fucks everyone; may be attractive or not. Not the type of girl to bring home to mom. Sometimes in conjunction with coke whore.
Joe called up these two slammy(s) around 3am last night because we had no luck at the club. At least we got laid.
by Stewart Appleby October 11, 2006
Nice sized breast
Or very well proportioned boobs.
Excellent cleavage.
"I love boobs" Oh well you will love Crystal then she got some slammies!
by Don Love October 07, 2009
a slammy is one who can't handle a large quantity of alcohol, a slammy is often found passed out, or having sex with multiple partners in one night, slammy is a term for a girl who is an easy drunk
at a party: someone take that slammy upstairs and shut her the fuck up
by Steve January 14, 2006
When you want to cap off a sentence in a way that only the most bad ass expression will accomplish, you use a slammy. Some slammies have devil wings and fierce droppies, and some are simply there to say, "Ya, that's right. Bitch". (AKA an exclamation point)
End that with a Slammy!
by big donny April 12, 2007
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