1. An overweight female that if she lost 60+ pounds she would be fuckable.

2. A girl that everyone fucks but would never admit.

3. Any girl that brendan has been with

4. A game to be played at a party where a friend punches his friend in the arm when he sees an aforementioned slampig
1. Did you see that slampig?
Who didn't?

2. That slampig? No way I'd fuck her!

3. Brendan.... come on man.

4. Slampig, no slam backs!
by Bryan November 19, 2004
N. A fat girl who is used for "slamming". A fat chick used to get a "load" out...nothing more.
"Dude, she was such a slam pig, but I needed to get laid."
by L.M. February 10, 2005
A girl that has sex with a lot of guys, a slut.
Everyone suspected Erin F was a slampig after she hooked up with JD the first night of college. As the year progressed and the list of guys she had been with steadily grew, including two guys who were best friends, there was no doubt in anyone's mind.
by Baserman May 27, 2005
A big old whore that is willing to have sex with the first guy she meets
Dude i was ramming whiteys mom when i pulled out and realized she was a nothing but filth and Slam-pig
by MattO1 October 10, 2005
(N) The girl at a party with muffin tops hanging over her 2-size-too-small jeans, cleavage all poppin' out her shirt and who has been slammed by at least three guys there.
Guy 1: Look, Chris is talking to that hog.
Guy 2: Yeah that's Noey, total slampig. She's like a basketball, we all pass her around when there isn't anything better out there.
by Butthead121 December 24, 2009
slam-pig noun
A woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually characterized by her finding great pleasure in being fucked roughly or ‘slammed’. The reference to the word ‘pig’ in this term is often mistaken as meaning that the woman is overweight, but it actually refers to the glutinous nature in which she engages in sex and often hints at her eagerness to swallow seminal fluid.
"Hey, can you move your bed away from the wall the next time Evie comes over? The wall was shaking so hard I though my bookshelf would fall over."

"Sorry about that. I tried to slow things down, but she's a real slam pig."
by Don Alphonse January 16, 2014
A highly unattractive or repulsive female who you would only have sex with if highly intoxicated or high off a particular drug.
Tim was so drunk last night he they had sex with the fattest slam-pig at the party.

Tom drank so many cosmopolitans that he began sucking face with the 400 pound slam-pig at the bar.
by Mark December 09, 2004
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