term used by heroin users for injecting via needle thus slamming it all at once and getting the greatest slam dance of a rush.
Bill chews his. Max snorts his. I slam dance mine. Aww, look at him slam dancing that brown rock.
by Blannche January 17, 2008
Top Definition
Slam dancing started when punk rock music started. It is the original form of "moshing". Back in the mid 70's and in the 80's punk rockers slammed danced. There wasn't any hardcore violence involved. Ask anyone who actually lived through the era of punk rock and they will tell you the truth about slam dancing. "Moshing" is a new term for slam dancing but isn't slam dancing at all. Slam dancing basically consisted of jumpin around and not really doing any actual dance moves. It wasn't purposly violent dancing.
"Hey look at those scenester kids "moshing" and thinkin they are slam dancing."
by Betty_2023 August 01, 2005
Form of dancing brought about by early punk and thrash bands, now mainly used in the presence of modern hardcore and metalcore. Unlike a general mosh pit, slam dancing actually shows signs of enjoying the music and having a brain. By using kicks and punches, the dance is a way to let off violent energy without actually hurting anybody.
There's too many nu-metal kids grinding on each other's bodies for us to go slam dancing.
by ihavetotakeapoop October 02, 2005
To skank or slam in a pit
Total Chaos kicked ass the pit was huge almost everone was slam dancing
by Jimmi Waxx C. November 13, 2004
A method of "dancing" to grunge and other muddier punk and metal, it involves the entire crowd pushing against each other whilst jumping, rather than moshing where only a few individuals participate. It is more powerful than a mosh because its hard to leave and if one person falls they can drag a large section of the crowd with them.

However there is less actual violence in a slam dancing crowd, and the occasional meathead in one can ruin it for eveyone.

Skanking in a mosh is either being way too confident for your own good or suidical.
"Dude there is a sign on the door of the club saying 'no moshing' that blows."

"so what man, get a bunch of people together and start slam dancing"
by Wil C December 23, 2005
Slam Dancing is way to get in a mosh fuck up people (If you get the Chance)wake up in the mornin with a heap of Bruises and not have t give a shit when people notice.
Find out for yourself go to a local Hardcore gig
by sXe Kev July 09, 2005
A type of action done by kids who are too weak to get into a real mosh pit so they must pretend fight so they won't get knocked on their asses.
"Look at thos wannabes slam dancing"
"Yea too bad there's not a real mosh pit around"
by hayabusa_06 February 26, 2005

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