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To defecate inside another human being's anus.
I got you Sharon! Right in there! SLAM DUMP!

Last night Steven took it upon himself to slam dump inside me. It was pleasant.
by Bruce Fidler November 05, 2007
12 5
The act of having a bowel movement that is so urgent and formidable that the individual grabs the toilet rim with two hands and vocalizes a sound similar to that of an NBA star who just dunked a basketball. Ie: "Ahhhhhhhhhgh"
Lebron James ain't got nothing on the two handed slam dump I just made in the teachers lounge toilet.
by Jimmy frank February 13, 2014
3 0
The immediate release of poop as soon as you sit on the toilet after holding it in for a while or after eating too much. Just like a slam dunk, only done with the ass.

Having to take a shit real bad
I went to go eat with a friend the other day. When we go back to the dorm he scurried to the bathroom, taking small but quick steps. Seconds after he shut the door I heard him shout "slam dump!"
by Dr_Girafales April 20, 2011
5 2
n. : Unusually large deposit of fecal matter after a long absence of bowl movements, typically followed by an overwhelming sense of relief.
'Yo, I ain't pooped in a minute but I just had this crazy slamdump'.
by Mike Cooney January 30, 2008
2 2
when you have to take a dump really bad and you get to the toilet and you start to shit before you even sit down, but you still make it
Mike: OH SHIT! i think im running to a SLAM DUMP
by shailah February 20, 2007
8 9