when being shagged by various amounts of females (or males though not likely) the females not being shagged suck on a random body part of the man leaving a dark mark on the skin.
me: fucking hell mick! , thats the worst case of slag rash ive ever seen!, infact you ARE slag rash!

mick :pft your just jealous, go back to sleeping with one woman
#slag #rash.slag-rash #hicky #bite #bruise
by luke007 October 30, 2007
Top Definition
this is a whore who sleeps around so much she is covered in a rash known as 'slagrash' however you can also call the whore herself a slagrash
1. Alright slagrash..hows it hanging?
2. Oh my god you dirty scrut you have SOME slagrash going on all over your body!
by chuff January 13, 2005
slag-rash means love bite.
james - did you see kates slag-rash
emily - yea its a big 1!
#life #love #teenage #convo #slang
by ....ninja.... May 14, 2007
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