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friend of the female you are trying to have sexual relations with that continually infringes upon your advancement attempts of a sexual nature.
After targeting a potential slag at the local bar I began to make advancements in order to get woo this unexpecting young lady, after feeling I had done my do diligence I decided it was time to close the deal and bring her home only for her slaggage to deny my attempts each time.
by Slag Slammer December 09, 2010
A large slag seen to be radiating slag waves.
That girl is some serious slaggage.
by Leggiedan October 11, 2007
A combination of the words ‘slag’ and ‘baggage’.

1. A disparaging description of a bitchy girlfriend who is giving her boyfriend constant shit over an extended period of time.
2. A genderless description of a difficult or obstinate individual that is impeding another's advancement.
Imran - No room for excess slaggage on this flight, bitch! Welcome to dumpsville - population: you!
by richiebabe24 September 01, 2008