cross between a slut and a fag. just a general diss.
stop being such a slag, you loser.
by (none) February 23, 2005
Lemz is my slag and ma bessie.. shame he dnt no how 2 put a defanition on here cos then he cuda ritten sumat nice about me!
"hey slag" - "hey byotch!" can u feel d luv?!
by Polly (trouble) April 06, 2005
A male/female that is used sexually.Playa's will use slags,they are not slags themselves.Slags will often have low self-esteem,letting themselve be used in the hope of being liked/a relationship.Usually does not enjoy sex.
Playa:Use dem ho's n loose dem ho's!
Playa 2:2rite!Dey all jus slags!
by gotgamegurl August 17, 2005

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