A girl who is under 18 (usually around 13-17) that is dating a guy over the age of 18, and is generally a skank or floosy. An underaged girl who sleeps with much older men.
"Kellys going out with Mark?! Shes 14! And hes 22! Shes such a slag."

"Tell me about it, hes just using her as a naive toy"
by kehfeh August 04, 2007
To insult someone or something, often in a messing way (but not always)
Girl: "Look at my painting!"
Friend: "Were you drunk when you painted that?"
Girl: "Hey!"
Friend: "Oh it's okay. I was only slagging you"
by Foy February 14, 2006
a filthy slob of a human being who does minimal work and gets paid a whole days pay to do ten miniutes of actual work.
dude that guy hasn't showered for days and the slag makes twice what I do.
by DVIRGIN May 25, 2005
Like the definition for WAG's, but the next step up (above the working class scum)..

1. Sovereign Ladies And Girlfriends.
Look at that precious princess, anybody would think she's a SLAG, no, she's just a lowly WAG.
by POGSTER September 09, 2006
someone who has got off with something he/she shouldnt have...
He got into the club for free, the slag...
by Baz McGee May 09, 2004
Ya mum.
hahaha..get it? ur mum...? slag..? hahaha. hahaha. its funny.
Your mum was great last night
actualy its just not funny any more
by Dickwad January 02, 2005
Every man's wish
What a slag, I want a slag, she's a slag, you fucking slag, shut up slag, fuck me slag
by StickyGooPants June 06, 2004

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