A woman, who sells her smiles for money.
A - "Hi, will you give me some money? :)"

A - "Please!"

A - "Pretty please!"

B - "What will I get for it? A smile?"

A - "Yeah!"

B - "Slag!"
by A-Man-In-Lion's-Costume April 11, 2011
adj./n. Smexy (sexy), Lovely, and Gorgeous! Used as endearment between friends

n. trash, whore, p.o.s. (when used to describe a loose female, sometimes male)
Iris is (my) slag! She's smexy, lovely, and Gorgeous! OR Iris is slag!

You see that skank over there? She's such a slag. f-ing whore-bag
by Shon s'Kool February 22, 2011
a useless bitch who can not get a decent guy so instead sleeps with everyone in order to make herself feel better.
Girl: Come sleep with me

Boy: Damn you are a slag.
by secrets_are_best_kept_quiet May 26, 2009
To not tell somebody your past, and then to be judged about it.
"She never told you about her past? Wow, she is such a slag!"
by aaabbbyyyyy November 18, 2008
1. to bug or pester incessantly. 2. A woman who sleeps with several men
1. Jeremy likes to slag me about liking dylan. 2. Maria is such a slag, she left hes husband for his twin brother.
by HyperEmu March 22, 2008
one who like to make videos of herself and sleep around
the one and only, Miss J.L, who is a big, dirty, slag.
by Gues who :) February 08, 2007
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