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To not tell somebody your past, and then to be judged about it.
"She never told you about her past? Wow, she is such a slag!"
by aaabbbyyyyy November 18, 2008
1 4
So did you do that fordy (slag) ?
by Tattam September 06, 2008
2 5
Basically, Slut + Fag.
"Cody is with a different guy every other night!"

"I know he is such a SLAG!!"
by Julia Knowles April 21, 2008
8 11
Someone who can't keep their knickers to themsleves and constantly chats shit
Alannah (slag) Matthews
by Nicolette D April 08, 2008
5 8
the stuff left when everybody has shared a bottle of coke and all is left is a diluted gooey mess
oh you can have the rest, it's just slag anyway
by Jaydie August 27, 2005
4 7
The impurities that float and are taken off of molten iron.
Um...is there an example?
by another someone else May 04, 2005
6 9
A slag is a type of slug.
A slag can also be a person who is a complete asshole, an annoying dim-wit or a sleezy woman.
1: hey did you talk to Bill?
2: yes , he's such a fucking slag.
by Rasta-Clat November 14, 2004
16 19