A fair piece of dirt trash
1- Wow shit, look over there chouclay,
2- Bi-yatch, its that epic slag alice,
1- Lets get the f#*k out of here!
2- Second that.
by bwahOFpleb April 26, 2009
To not tell somebody your past, and then to be judged about it.
"She never told you about her past? Wow, she is such a slag!"
by aaabbbyyyyy November 18, 2008
So did you do that fordy (slag) ?
by Tattam September 06, 2008
1. A ladies Man, like a mans man except all the benefits.

2. A word jealous women use because they are intimidated by a female sexual predator able to suck bollock milk from her boyfriends wank bag in less time than she.

3. A woman or man willing to share there sex organs with who and how ever many people are willing.

4. Type of woman who will even go with your ugly mates. Meaning you can get on with going bollock deep on a fit bird.

Jealous GF: What a slag

About to be dumped boyfriend: Shes not that bad at least her fanny isn't the size of an empty pillow case.

by MickLinge March 16, 2006
An extremely cheap hooker/whore. You do not wish to be one because you can also be called a slag master. For an example watch the movie Ali G.
Kaya is a slag master.
by Zack Began February 24, 2006
Definition: a sloppy fag - either a homosexual who has a very large anus, or just something you call your friends when you're pissed at them.
Origin: New York... and spreading quickly
You EFFIN slag!
I saw john the other day, and i gotta tell ya fellas, this guy is an effin slag.
by JoeyJoeJoeShabadoo November 07, 2005
A slag is a type of slug.
A slag can also be a person who is a complete asshole, an annoying dim-wit or a sleezy woman.
1: hey did you talk to Bill?
2: yes , he's such a fucking slag.
by Rasta-Clat November 14, 2004
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