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British term for a pair of cheep and sleazy whore boots.
Did you see that cheap slut and the pair of slag wellies she was wearing
by David Barry December 14, 2004
26 6
Ugg Boots. Footwear sported by slack-fannied chav birds with more money than dress-sense. Also known as Slut Slippers, Chav Clogs.
Yeah Kelsey, he banged me so hard up against that bus shelter, I nealy dropped me meat pie over me new Slag Wellies.
by Devastating 'D' March 19, 2010
15 5
Tall,usually black,boots worn by women who are looking for one thing only.Normally sex. See Fuck me boots
"Check out the girl in the slag wellies"
by a friend of dave's March 09, 2010
3 2