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A combination of slag and fadge, it has 3 main meanings.
1. the vagina of a slag
2. a fat slag
3. to sladge (verb)- having sex with a slag
1. "I did her in the sladge"
2. "That sladge ate all the pies!"
3. "I sladged her so hard"
by Akkers Ellie November 12, 2008
A lot of available women in one place- the collective noun for slags.
plenty of boss-quality sladge on lark lane tonight
check out the sladge in there
by Duncan April 07, 2004
The area of fat between the bottom of the stomach and the pubic region.
It is usually a bubble of fat on obese people which makes it look like they are carrying a football in the front of their jeans.
by Zack S. Lowe May 18, 2005
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