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The area of fat between the bottom of the stomach and the pubic region.
It is usually a bubble of fat on obese people which makes it look like they are carrying a football in the front of their jeans.
by Zack S. Lowe May 18, 2005
A combination of slag and fadge, it has 3 main meanings.
1. the vagina of a slag
2. a fat slag
3. to sladge (verb)- having sex with a slag
1. "I did her in the sladge"
2. "That sladge ate all the pies!"
3. "I sladged her so hard"
by Akkers Ellie November 12, 2008
A lot of available women in one place- the collective noun for slags.
plenty of boss-quality sladge on lark lane tonight
check out the sladge in there
by Duncan April 07, 2004