A technican in an analytical laboratory who picks and choose from the queue of work, looking for the easiest jobs to do first and dragging their feet, complaining that this easy work is very complicated and taking a long time to complete.

"Brandon, that slack ass, jumped the queue again and took that easy job last week. Now it is 3 days overdue when it should have been done the first day."
by The Lab Lord June 08, 2007
Top Definition
A lazy person who expects things to be done for them; a hybrid of a slacker and a jackass.
Do it yourself, slackass.
by innocentsinner March 10, 2005
a person who shirks social obligation and who disappoints by their inability to drag their own sorry ass around.
I haven't heard from Jen in a while. She is such a slackass.
by el chico limpio November 02, 2003
An extremely lazy HR Manager of Nigerian extraction. Often to be found 'skulking' in others offices, blaming others for her own failings, abdicating all responsibility to poorly trained office juniors.
"Jesus! Where's that fucking Slack Ass bitch hiding today?"

Slack Ass
by Graham Herbert January 07, 2007
Combination of 'jackass' and 'slack'
Hop to it slack ass!
by ashmadallah February 19, 2015
A person who avoids working out or does not push themselves hard enough.
Why weren't you at Kickboxing class last night, Slackass?
by Kickboxing queen June 13, 2011
Someone who persistently has a inadequate work ethic and repeatedly refuses to improve.
Teacher: Hey, Rahul why isnt your work done?
Rahul: I didnt feel like doing it.
Teacher: You're a damn slack-ass.
by CaptainDoctor April 23, 2009
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