Where I am from I-95 is the major highway or "SLAB" that I drive on. This can be a SLAB of concrete, SLAB of tar or if u'za back country boy then ur SLAB is a dirtroad. In down South Florida I-95 is my SLAB.
I was ballin' on my way to Tampa and my Brother EROS called. He asked where I was at and I replied "I'm Northbound on the SLAB, bout to hit the turpike".
by BenZie561 May 03, 2006
Worse than a slut; having no redeeming qualities; of a promisuous and vacant nature; Most likely Canadian
Wendy is a slut, however Jennifer is a slab.
by EmilyJacinda August 01, 2006
A slab is a carton of beer, this is regional dialect. Australians haven't the time to say carton when there's beer to be drank, so we say slab. 24 cans, stubbies, etc.
1:Hey mate you comin round for a piss-up Satdy night?
2:Fuck yeah
1:Well make sure you bring a slab!
by Jimma June 01, 2004
A persons place of dwelling
I'm fixin to go to the slab
by DZWilliams October 27, 2006
A tight ass car dat every male must have.
Ay check out my candy apple slab skatin' on flats.
by msshay June 08, 2006
A slab is a male body part in other words a penis
A slab is a male organ that all women love lol its a DICK
by JASON TRADER March 13, 2005
noun. May be used in place of chic in common speech
Man, look at that asian slab over there.
She's a corn fed slab.
Look at that jewish butt slab
by Hotknives September 11, 2003

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