1 basing reasoning and argument on the premises of the following thinkers: de Saussure, Lacan, Althusser, Barthes.

2 used as 'ad hominem'.

3 (possibly pejoratively) saying someone is a postmodernist.
Ex. "You are such as Slab", i.e. "You are a fool".
by MPRosinski March 05, 2012
pussy, a word used mainly in the appalachian mountains
"I'm gonna get me some slab tonight."
"Oh, just make sure its not with Loretta, i heard she got the clap."
by crackiechan bluh May 21, 2009
Australian for a 24 pack of beer
I just bought a slab of beer
by Tdayyen April 13, 2003
slang term for buttox.
Did you see that woman? Did you see those slabs on her?
by Orange County Jimmy February 13, 2011
A slab is an intensely large hunk of dark, milk and/or white chocolate covered in a variety of toppings which include nuts, berries, sprinkles and other particles of candy and is mainly sold at Dean & Deluca around the holidays.
I ate an entire slab and now I feel sick.
by Slabtastic October 09, 2008
Slang word for male penis.
Hey girl! Suck the slab!
by Colin Cox June 24, 2007
an amount of cocaine.
aye folk i need a twenty slab so i can set up shop.
by Anonymous May 06, 2003
another word for a fat person so it dosent make it that offensive.As the person wont know it you can call him as many times you want.
Wow that kid is soo slab!
by really really big boy September 25, 2009

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