1 basing reasoning and argument on the premises of the following thinkers: de Saussure, Lacan, Althusser, Barthes.

2 used as 'ad hominem'.

3 (possibly pejoratively) saying someone is a postmodernist.
Ex. "You are such as Slab", i.e. "You are a fool".
by MPRosinski March 05, 2012
A woman with multiple sex partners who goes around hoe'ing in everyplace she's at. She never denies sex from anyone
John: Hey man, do you see that hot chick over there?

Shareef: Dude, dont talk to her, shes a slab like Eric's mom
by @DjSpacelyAdams January 08, 2011
The lower part of a females back, displayed when wearing a crop-top.

The area of the body used to locate a tramp-stamp.

Bob - "She's a nice sort!"
Matt - "Cracking Slab!"
by Quelmo Rodriguez June 25, 2010
A female, usually young, who expresses the characteristics of a slut.

To put it simply;
A slab=a skank
What the hell, Kelly is such a nutgobbling slab , did you hear what she did at that party?
by SillyFannyBananaPants February 02, 2011
A word used in the surfing world to describe a wave that breaks over a shallow slab of rock or coral, producing a thick hollow wave that is often notoriously difficult or dangerous to ride.

Popular with bodyboarders and daredevil surfers, slabs are often kept secret so that they do not become crowded.

Examples of famous slabs are Cyclops, Shipstern bluff, Dinner plates, Rileys, Ours etc.
I tried surfing that slab yesterday and ended up snapping my board
by stoken October 26, 2010
A midwestern term, mainly Kansas City, that means a very large penis. A person who has a slab is said to be slabbing.
Tyler has a slab.
My girl was giving me shit, so I hit her in the face with my slab.
by boneslab January 10, 2012
Mobile communication device shaped like a flat rectangle of technology, usually called a 'cell phone', despite its phone function now being augmented with one or more of the following: SMS 'texting' device, emailer, web browser, camera, camcorder, calendar, notepad, alarm clock, GPS navigator and/or a panoply of other 'apps' thus making it seem quaint to call it a mere 'phone'.
Wouldn't you know, I left the damn slab at home again--and my interview is in an hour...or was it two hours? and now I can't even remember the address I was supposed to show up at, either.
by psychaotic April 20, 2011
Easy to get; everyone done hit that.
That girl is the biggest slab I have ever seen
by foxcrazy55 August 07, 2011

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